Piara by ELAINE J

PIARA is not only a beautiful sounding Hindi word for "Love", it also sounds like the word for "stone" in most Romantic languages such as French (pierre),Italian (pietra) and Spanish (piedra). Since every piece of PIARA jewelry is an ensemble of elements coming from both Asia and Europe, PIARA is a name that says it all.

The collections of PIARA by ELAINE J are simple yet sophisticated and classic; they come in different colors and their versatility of wearing adorns becomingly women of any style, be it chic or smart casual.

PIARA by ELAINE J is designed to bring out the feminineness, elegance, romance and joyfulness in each woman. Inspired by Elaine's travels around the world, the designs are a combination of influences from different cultures and aesthetics. For example, under the setting sun in Santorini (Greece), Elaine was inspired to create a line of jewelry that used mainly pearl, turquoise and blue topaz, which she put together with a brush finishing plated gold chain.This line depicts an imaginary yet vivid scene of Santorini's white houses with their dark blue shutters overlooking the soft blue sea during sunset.

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